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Anthony Cooper
Anthony Cooper

Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Software Free Download ((HOT))

every extrusion company is looking to eliminate costly prototypes and reduce redesign cycles. with altair, advanced physics simulations are now accessible to organizations of all sizes. altair inspire extrude is a simulation solution for both metal and polymer extrusion. it helps achieve productivity gains by reducing product development costs and improving extrusion quality, increasing production yield. lower scrap rates can be achieved by exploring process improvements on a virtual press.

Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Software Free Download

besides the quality of the results, in practice the computation time is another especially relevant quality criteria. only short computation times make the use of simulation software relevant for daily work. simufact offers the efficient parallelization of simulation with its additional performance module: the use of the highly effective methods, domain decomposition method (ddm) for the fe solver and shared memory parallelization (smp) for fe and fv solvers, allows the computation time to be effectively decreased.

everything you need for analyzing the operation of the forming process is integrated in simufact forming. the real-time simulation environments, the visualization and data evaluation tools are familiar with many companies. in addition, multibody simulation is available for more than 50 material combinations.

the increase in the production of parts with plastic stamped holes has led to a strong increase in the complexity of the solutions. in addition, the complexity of the business processes results in a growth of defect rates, which in turn results in increased costs and longer development times. for this reason, the stamping industry is making the transition from classic solutions towards simulation solutions for the 2d printing of holes.

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