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Garfield: Caught In The Act Download PC Game [UPD]

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Garfield: Caught in the Act Download PC Game

The original Mega Drive game features six levels. Sega Channel subscribers could download Garfield: The Lost Levels, which featured three additional levels. One of these levels, Alien Landscape, appears in the PC version of the game, and the remaining two levels, Bonehead the Barbarian and Slobbin Hood, appear in the Game Gear version.

In December 1994, Sega opened the Sega Channel, a pay-to-play service on the Genesis in which subscribers could access and download Genesis games, play demos and access cheats through an adapter. The lineup of games used to change bi-weekly to monthly, in order to give subscribers a more varied experience. Each game was put into a specific category, with the Test Drives having upcoming and newly released titles.

The Binding of Isaac - Title screen music. A good way to describe it is the world's most depressing lullaby.Burning Ambush - While navigating the dungeon, you'll often run into surprise boss fights with representations of the seven deadly sins, where this plays instead of the main boss theme. This also plays in the arena rooms, which I don't bother with unless I have a teleportation item. This song has a bit more to it than the normal boss theme.Divine Combat - Music for the boss at the end of a floor. It gets better towards the end, although the first half is kind of noodling around.Dreadful - This plays in the Depth floors of the dungeon. You're getting close to the end...End Times - Music for the staff roll (all three people) and cast list. It's a harder, more intense version of the title screen music. It also gets swapped out for what sounds like demons singing "Jesus Loves Me" after you beat It Lives for the first time. Enmity of the Dark Lord - Without the DLC the final boss you can fight is Satan. Does the chanting sound like "WON'T YOU BRING FORTH MACHU PICCHU!" to anyone else?Latter Days - If you have the DLC, the Depths will sometimes be replaced with a harder version called the Necropolis, and this will play instead of "Dreadful". This is a more gothic verison of "Thine Wrath..." below, though you can also hear part of "Dreadful" in it.A Mourner Unto Sheol - Admittedly this is more ambience than song, but it's pretty effective ambience. My Innermost Apocalypse - If you have the game's DLC you can choose to fight Satan in Sheol or Isaac in the Cathedral after defeating It Lives, and this is the music for the fight with the latter. If "End Times" was the title theme kicked into overdrive, this is the title theme pumped full of horse steroids and set on fire. Unfortunately, there's a bit at 1:24 that was done too loud and ended up getting distorted, but that's pretty minor, and it still gets the gold medal for this game's soundtrack.Repentant - This plays in the Cave floors of the dungeon. This is a bit mellower than the first set of floors. Sacrificial - This plays in the Basement floors of the dungeon, and caught my attention right away.$4cR1f1c14_ - This is a chiptune version of Sacrificial that plays in the Arcades.Thine Wrath... - This plays during the boss fight against Isaac's mother. I kept considering giving this a Skitty, but something feels a bit... off about it, like it's actually pieces of three different (albiet very good) songs spliced together. Give it a pseudo-Skitty, I guess.

Confrontation - The regular boss music. It's okay for what it is, but it seems like they didn't put too much effort into it because they didn't think you'd be fighting the bosses for very long.Conquistador - The final boss music. I kept flipping back and forth on whether to put this up or not. It has a strong beginning, but as the song goes on it just peters out more and more, until finally ending on fumes. But I guess it's decent enough I'll feel alright throwing it up for completion's sake. Credits - You know what this song reminds me of? Of all things, the ending credit theme of Blasting Again and what it should have been instead of the noisefest it was.Epilogue - This is a more melancholic version of the title screen music, that plays over the ending.Journey to the Dark Sector - This is the song for the Roanoke level. This works works best in-game, with its jarring shift in tone as you penetrate the clouds.Lost Temple of Croatoa - Music for the final level. The version that came with the download actually went on way longer than it did in the game but the extra stuff bored me, so I cut it back to about the length it was in the game.Prisoner of the Badlands - Not sure how to describe this song. Bull fighter music? Jazzy? Well, whatever you call it, give it a shot.Prologue - This is a less melancholic version of the ending music, that plays over the opening (see what I did there?) Secret Mines of New Madrid - My favorite song in the game, though yes, I'm biased as hell towards mechanical, factory songs. But dammit, this is still awesome. War Upon the East Frontier - Great music to start your adventure with. Like the original Lost Temple of Croatoa, this goes on longer than it does in the game (it would normally end before the electric guitar at 2:05), but I left the extra bit in because it's a lot more tolerable than the rest of the full Croatoa Suite.

Well, they usually don't do much more than stealing stuff all over the places. You get the impression of a very neat and cured site, but infos are taken somewhere, probably mobygamesgame comments, when present, are borrowed from home of the underdogs or GamesDomainscreenshots are often requested to and kindly provided by usersuploaded files are mostly untestedIn any case, we forgive them 'cause it's currently the most active site in uploading old and very interesting stuff, so we can even help a little.They surely downloaded your link, renamed the file and posted it. But now that is publicly available, my hope is that some good-willing guy will spend some time translating it ... 041b061a72

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