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Arthdal Chronicles: A Must-Watch Kdrama for Fantasy Lovers

Arthdal Chronicles: A Korean Fantasy Drama That You Should Watch

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you might have heard of Arthdal Chronicles, a 2019 historical fantasy series that aired on tvN and Netflix. If you haven't, you are missing out on one of the most ambitious and unique dramas ever made in Korea. Arthdal Chronicles is not your typical romance or comedy drama. It is a sprawling epic that takes place in a mythical land called Arth, where different tribes and races vie for power and survival. It features four main characters who have different destinies and roles in shaping the new society. It also boasts a star-studded cast, a reputable crew, a record-breaking budget, and stunning filming locations. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Arthdal Chronicles, and how you can download it to watch at your convenience.

The Story of Arthdal Chronicles

The Setting: A Mythical Land Called Arth

Arthdal Chronicles is set in a fictional world that is loosely based on the ancient history and mythology of Korea. The story takes place during the Bronze Age, before the formation of any nation or kingdom. Instead, there are various tribes and clans that inhabit different regions of Arth, each with their own culture, language, and beliefs. Some of the tribes are human, while others are non-human, such as the Neanthal, who have blue eyes and superhuman strength, or the Igutu, who are half-human and half-Neanthal. There are also mythical creatures, such as the White Wolf or the Black Horse, that have special powers and meanings.

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The Characters: Four Main Leads with Different Destinies

The drama revolves around four main characters who have different backgrounds and fates. They are:

  • Eun-seom (played by Song Joong-ki): He is an Igutu who was born in the Wahan tribe, a peaceful clan that lives in Iark, a lush land near a great lake. He has the ability to communicate with animals and to see visions in his dreams. He is brave, loyal, and curious, but also naive and impulsive. He is destined to bring a great change to Arth.

  • Tan-ya (played by Kim Ji-won): She is the successor of the Wahan tribe's great mother, who is the leader and shaman of the clan. She has the gift of prophecy and can interpret the will of the gods. She is smart, compassionate, and resilient, but also proud and stubborn. She is destined to become the first priestess-king of Arth.

  • Tae-gon (played by Jang Dong-gun): He is the son of San-ung, the leader of the Saen yeol tribe, the most powerful and influential clan in Arth. He is the best warrior and strategist in Arth, and has a strong ambition to conquer and unify the land. He is cold, ruthless, and cunning, but also charismatic and honorable. He is destined to become the first king of Arth.

  • Tae-al-ha (played by Kim Ok-bin): She is the daughter of Mi-hol, the leader of the Hae tribe, a wealthy and influential clan that controls trade and technology in Arth. She is a brilliant inventor and politician, who has a vision to create a new civilization in Arth. She is ambitious, fearless, and seductive, but also loyal and passionate. She is destined to become the first empress of Arth.

The Plot: A Struggle for Power and Survival in a New Society

The drama follows the lives and conflicts of these four characters, as they face various challenges and enemies in their quest to fulfill their destinies. The plot is divided into three parts, each consisting of six episodes. The first part, titled The Children of Prophecy, focuses on the childhood and adolescence of Eun-seom and Tan-ya, as they grow up in the Wahan tribe and learn about their gifts and fates. The second part, titled The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land, focuses on the adult lives of Tae-gon and Tae-al-ha, as they rise to power in the Saenyeol and Hae tribes, and start their conquest of Arth. The third part, titled The Prelude to all Legends, focuses on the convergence of the four characters' paths, as they meet each other and clash over their different visions for Arth.

The Production of Arthdal Chronicles

The Cast: A Star-Studded Lineup of Talented Actors

One of the main attractions of Arthdal Chronicles is its cast, which features some of the most popular and acclaimed actors in Korea. The four main leads are all well-known for their previous works in film and television, such as Descendants of the Sun, Fight for My Way, A Gentleman's Dignity, and The Villainess. They are also praised for their acting skills and versatility, as they portray complex and diverse characters in Arthdal Chronicles. The supporting cast is also impressive, as it includes veteran actors such as Choi Moo-sung, Park Hae-joon, Park Byung-eun, Shin Joo-hwan, Kim Eui-sung, Jo Sung-ha, Lee Do-kyung, Yoo Teo, Choo Ja-hyun, Park Hyoung-soo, Jung Suk-won, Kim Ho-jung, Song Yoo-taek, Kim Sung-cheol, Park Ji-won, Lee Hwang-eui, Seo Eun-ah, Jung Dong-gyu, Kim Ye-joon, Heo Jung-eun, Lee Ho-cheol and more.

The Crew: A Reputable Team of Writers and Directors

Another factor that contributes to the quality of Arthdal Chronicles is its crew, which consists of some of the most reputable writers and directors in Korea. The drama is written by Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon, who are known for their previous works such as Queen Seondeok, Tree with Deep Roots, Six Flying Dragons, and Dae Jang Geum. They are experts in creating historical dramas that combine historical facts with fictional elements, as well as developing rich characters and intricate plots. The drama is directed by Kim Won-seok and Park Sang-hoon. Kim Won-seok is known for his previous works such as Misaeng, Signal, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and My Mister. He is skilled in creating realistic and immersive settings and directing actors with subtle and nuanced performances. Park Sang-hoon is known for his previous works such as Live Up to Your Name, Beautiful Mind, and Doctor Prisoner. He is adept at creating fast-paced and thrilling scenes with dynamic camera work and editing.

The Budget: A Record-Breaking Investment for a Korean Drama

Arthdal Chronicles is also notable for its budget, which is reported to be the highest ever for a Korean drama. The drama cost about 54 billion won (about 46 million USD) to produce, which is equivalent to the budget of a blockbuster movie. The high budget was necessary to create the elaborate sets, costumes, props, and special effects that are required for the fantasy genre. The drama also used advanced technology, such as motion capture, CGI, and 4K resolution, to enhance the visual quality and realism of the drama.

The Filming Locations: A Mix of Domestic and Overseas Sites

The drama also invested a lot of time and effort in finding the best filming locations that suit the story and the setting. The drama was filmed in various locations in Korea, such as Jeju Island, Daejeon, Osan, Paju, and Yongin. The drama also filmed in overseas locations, such as Brunei and Laos, to capture the exotic and diverse landscapes of Arth. The filming process took about 10 months, from September 2018 to June 2019.

The Reception of Arthdal Chronicles

The Ratings: A Moderate Success in Korea and a Hit on Netflix

The drama received mixed ratings from the Korean viewers. The first part of the drama averaged 6.7% in nationwide ratings, while the second part averaged 5.8%, and the third part averaged 6.1%. These ratings are considered moderate for a cable drama, but not very impressive for a high-budget drama. However, the drama performed better on Netflix, where it was streamed globally. The drama ranked among the top 10 most popular shows on Netflix in many countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and more. The drama also received positive feedback from the international fans, who praised the drama's originality, creativity, and diversity.

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